Information for students

The school is intended for MSc and PhD students. It assumes a solid background in physics up to the BSc level. (Promising BSc students can sign up, if they have confidence that they can deal with a possible mismatch.)

The school will consist of introductory lectures, seminars in which recent research-results will be presented. In addition, MSC-students, PhD-students and post-docs who will attend have an opportunity to present their work in a poster session.

Each lecturer will provide, one week in advance, a list of 3 research-articles. Depending on the number of participants the students will be distributed over groups. Each group will have to study one or more of these research-articles and present the content to their fellow students, in the presence of the lecturers. The goal is to get involved in digesting and possibly criticize, newly emerging knowledge. The presentation is preferably in English. However, if someone feels uncomfortable in the use of a foreign language, a presentation in Russian is allowed.